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Guidelines and Position Statements  


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  • Antibiotic Prophylaxis Quick Reference Guide (PDF File, 17 KB)
  • Case Difficulty Assessment Form and Guidelines, revised May 2004 (PDF File, 411 KB)
  •      Educator's Guide to Using the Case Difficulty Assessment Form (PDF File, 44 KB)
  • Chloroform Alternatives Bibliography (PDF File, 22 KB)
  • Endodontic Diagnosis Guidelines (PDF File, 564 KB)
  • Informed Consent Guidelines (PDF File, 17 KB)
  • Natural Rubber Latex Allergy (PDF File, 48 KB)
  • Natural Rubber Latex Allergy Patient Fact Sheet (PDF File, 15 KB)
  • New Technologies/Materials (PDF File, 49KB)
  • NICO (Neuralgia-Inducing Cavitational Osteonecrosis) Lesions (PDF File, 45 KB)
  • Paraformaldehyde-Containing Endodontic Filling and Sealing Materials (PDF File, 46 KB)
  • Precautions for Patient Safety Fact Sheet (PDF File, 14 KB)
  • Prevention and Management of Occupational Exposures (PDF File, 67 KB)
  • Recommended Guidelines of the American Association of Endodontists for Traumatic Dental Injuries (PDF File, 453 KB)
  • Tooth Saving Tips (PDF File, 41 KB)
  • Use of Lasers in Dentistry (PDF File, 49 KB)
  • Use of Mouth Guards to Prevent Injury (PDF File, 43 KB)



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